The Artist

Sensational music multi-talent K’Tina (Kay Tina) has spent her lifetime passionately immersed in the arts. A classically trained violinist based out of Kansas City, with a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance, K’Tina has expanded her skillset, education, and capabilities at every opportunity in an effort to be the best version of herself both personally, and as a professional artist.  Her adventurous spirit and radiant enthusiasm led her to making music with remarkable versatility, playing in styles ranging from Classical, Baroque, Gospel, R&B, Pop, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Tango, Folk, to her own unique improvisational live shows. With a highly refined emotive & expressive approach to music that brings boldness & beauty straight to the surface, K’Tina plays with audibly stunning technique and the true desire to entertain all who listen.

Challenging herself to develop in all areas of her craft & career, K’Tina learned to play both piano & viola proficiently, in addition to taking on exciting new roles as a singer/songwriter, composer, screenwriter, playwright, actress, producer, and giving her time to inspire the next generation as a music educator.  With her head & heart in the game at all times, K’Tina continually broke new ground and took strong steps forward as she established her name & showcased her incredible talents within the music-scene of KC in numerous ways over the years.  K’Tina’s dedication to music rewarded her with the prestigious honor of becoming Concert Master for the Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City and for renowned tale of The Nutcracker as presented by the highly-skilled group of young artists she led from The Lawrence Arts Center Ballet Christmas Show. She’s also had the good fortune to perform regularly with Gospel music group Yielded Vessels, with the South American fusion-based band the Amado Espinoza Trio, the curious cartoon jazz noir band GAV7D, and Argentinian Tango band Cucharada, traveling all over the world to play shows in countries throughout the globe like Canada, Kenya, Spain, Argentina, Jamaica, & Germany.  

While playing a supporting role certainly helped K’Tina achieve a stellar reputation & respect from her peers, as an artist, she still knew that there was a next-level for her to achieve with her music.  Focusing on her goals and encouraged by the growing support surrounding her, K’Tina dove deep into the writing process, embracing the uniqueness of her own creative style and longstanding love of the violin.  Finding vibrant & colorful new ways to blend the sum of her experience in music with the captivating sounds she’s capable of creating – K’Tina is about to step into the spotlight like never before with the official release of her own debut solo EP in 2019.  Filled with powerful new songs that display her gorgeously expressive technique and authentically identifiable sound, her innovative and organic approach to songwriting reveals the authentic & world-class talent she’s become throughout her journey in music.

Fully ready to make the most of her moment, K’Tina is set to have the most successful & defining year of her career as an artist to-date in 2019, while also laying the groundwork for the next exciting chapter of her story to come in the future to follow.  With an online fan-base growing exponentially, new videos being posted up online for all to see, and a debut EP designed to wow the entire world twice over – K’Tina is seizing the momentum and determined to make her own mark in the music-history books.  Heartened & inspired by the ability to give back to the people through the same passion that has given her the opportunity to live out her dreams daily, K’Tina can’t wait to share her new songs with each and every one of YOU out there, and sincerely celebrate the glory, beauty, & joy of music, together, as one.